What Is Our Purpose?

Our goal is not to create a new organization or movement, but merely, as a service to the Body of Christ, provide a bold t-shirt that the saints can wear to counter the cultural "virtue" of taking pride in sin and sexual licentiousness. We hope that enough of our brothers and sisters will wear this shirt (or display the bumper sticker or both) to create a conversation about God's patience with mankind, His hatred of sin, and His coming judgement on the whole world. May our meager efforts count for much in the Kingdom of God, to the Glory of Jesus Christ.

Stick The Message Around Town

Every time someone sees this they are going to find a bible and open it to figure out the meaning. Perhaps the Spirit of God will direct them to keep reading as He convicts their hearts of sin, righteousness, and judgement that they might be led to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ alone. Help ensure that more people see it and stick them anywhere you're able to.